Tom Barron

Cathy and Liz — You two are the absolute best — superb professionals in every way.  Even more importantly, you are wise, gracious, and caring people who are helping to make our world a better place.  We are deeply grateful to work with you on the Barron Prize!

Richard Wood

Cathy Callegari drew on her expanded knowledge of the construction management industry to support Plaza’s branding and marketing communications initiatives.  Under her direction, she successfully promoted the company’s core values and industry leadership capabilities through repeated high-end media placements.

Richard Wood – CEO
Plaza Construction

Marla Kott

Cathy Callegari and her team were instrumental in creating a reason for prospective customers to pay attention to our category, name badges, and directing them to consider the Imprint Plus DIY Badge solution as the obvious program of choice.

Chances are reading this you can’t even imagine who buys badges. Cathy made badges a sexy product and an interesting topic of discussion tied into consumer preferences and emotions. We enjoyed over 25 years with successful high profile publications in all industries.

Our business story is text book; we developed a “better mouse trap” product, built the brand, and sold the company. Cathy was instrumental in helping us build the brand which ensured we were at the table when Fortune 500 prospects put out tenders. We would highly recommend her services and happily work with her again if the opportunity arose.

Marla Kott - Former CEO
Imprint Plus

Peter Lehrer

Cathy Callegari was the “lady” behind Lady Liberty who represented our company Lehrer McGovern during the renovation of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and told the story to all Americans to rekindle the patriotic pride in two of the most historic monuments in our country. Without her, much of the story would remain untold.

Former Founder and CEO
Lehrer McGovern Bovis

Susan Saideman

Cathy Callegari represented and supported our portfolio of tabletop brands – Mikasa, Studio Nova, Luminarc, Celebrations by Mikasa, and Salviati – with continuous and extensive placements in leading consumer publications – month after month. We dramatically increased our editorial support under her management of our account.

Susan Saideman - CEO
Arc Internationala

Harold Shatz

We introduced a new tee-shirt based on sun-sensitive inks in December and selected Cathy Callegari to take us on our PR journey to support the sales and marketing of this new line. We began with one retailer – JC Penney in only 90 of its sunbelt or resort stores. Within 90-days of the PR campaign, which went national – we were sold in nearly all of the JC Penney stores and also opened doors at Dillard’s, Wal-Mart, Federated, and Kids R Us, creating huge consumer demand for the SunWorks product line.

Harold Shatz - VP Sales

Tom DeVesto

My relationship with and affection for Cathy has continued through the building of four distinct companies over a period of several years. She has managed the PR efforts for Kloss Video, Cambridge SoundWorks, Tivoli Audio, and presently Como Audio, where since the company’s inception, she has successfully executed a PR program resulting in national print, broadcast and Internet coverage for our smart audio products and music systems.

Tom DeVesto - Founder, Chairman and CEO
Como Audio

Livia Marotta

Cathy Callegari is a most creative strategic partner to TAG Heuer in terms of generating maximum media interest and coverage for our events and product launches.

Livia Marotta - Public Relations Manager
TAG Heuer

John J. Schultz

Cathy Callegari and her staff have been very successful and effective in achieving high visibility for the National Retail Federation, the nation’s largest trade association representing the retail industry. Due to her efforts, our Annual Convention in New York resulted in an increased attendance of 40% and she was the inspiration for a nationwide study, underwritten by MasterCard, on the buying habits of consumers.

John J. Schultz - President and Executive Director
National Retail Federation

Eduardo T. Ferrer

During the complex preparations and the multiple programs conducted during Mexicana’s inauguration of service linking Mexico City with New York City, it was always reassuring to have Cathy Callegari’s expert hand, quietly professional and at times invisible, always there at every moment supporting or reassuring efficiency. She was responsible for the great success we enjoyed.

Eduardo T. Ferrer - Vice President-Sales
Mexicana Airline

Richard Breitman

Cathy Callegari was of tremendous assistance in reaching the media with news about my latest book FDR and the Jews, co-authored with Allan J. Lichtman. She was equally effective with one of my earlier books. Both her PR skills and her contacts are great assets and resulted in major media coverage including New York Times articles.

Richard Breitman - Distinguished Professor
American University

Jim Kenney

Cathy Callegari and team have been consumate busines partners. Tireless seeking earned media opportunities and gaining exposure in relevant media produced over 200 milion media impressions in 4th quarter alone. This, in combination with our own marketing efforts, has doubled brand awareness in 18 months.

Jim Kenney - Chief Executive Officer
180s Wearable Tech